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New class starting October 12th Kobido Master's online training starting: Level 1 and 2 starts on October 12th, 2020 Level 3 starts on October 26th, 2020 Registration is started!
New Level 2 Textbook New Kobido Level 2 official textbook English–Spanish–Japanese Edition
All classroom training is canceled until further notice, due to Chinese Coronavirus pandemic. Kobido Master's Summer training Paris 2020 is canceled, please contact us for full refund. 古美道国際認定エステティシャンコース 新型肺炎のため9月、10月の東京集中トレーニングは延期となりました。11月以降のトレーニングの日程は改めてご連絡いたします。 KOBIDO Diploma Training Course Tokyo: Kobido Tokyo classroom training is canceled for September and October, We will inform you training new dates for November, 2020.


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KOBIDO, name and logo are registered trademarks in the Europe, including UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, also USA, Japan, and many other countries worldwide. KOBIDO is the name of a lineage as well as the name of our company in Japan, and is not the name of a technique, method, or treatment. KOBIDO has been a registered trademark in Japan for many years.


There are many dedicated KOBIDO apprentices in Europe who have been studying our company’s method of facial massage for years. Please be respectful and do not use the KOBIDO name unless you have undergone extensive training with KOBIDO and have received our written permission. (The usage of our registered trademark in the European Union without our permission is trademark infringement and is a felony. Unfortunately, we have recently been forced to begin taking legal action against many schools and therapists.)

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