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  Kobido Level 5 through 12 - Secret of Kobido: Mastership of the Art of 500 year-old Authentic Kobido Art

Levels 5 and Above Advanced training is available for those wishing to continue their learning beyond just their occupation. This is a truly personal apprenticeship of Shogo Mochizuki the 26th Generation Master of Kobido. You will begin to study the authentic five-century-old Kobido artform. These selected members are considered to be true apprentices of the 26th Generation Master, and are the world's highest-level practitioners of the Kobido artform. These levels go beyond what is needed to merely give a treatment, and are intended for those who would like to learn about the traditional art of Kobido, instead of just the minimal techniques required to give a Kobido facial. Whereas the first four levels will teach you how to do a Kobido facial as part of your vocational training, the levels beyond are special training intended to let you master the art. This training is exclusively for people who support the Kobido organization. For these levels, you must use Kobido skincare products or be a Kobido skincare retailer. These levels are invitation-only, and are provided free-of-charge as long as you maintain an adequate skincare product purchase volume.
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