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  Kobido Level 4: Developing a Kobido Treatment

It is important to know how to smoothly apply the individual techniques, but it is also crucial that the treatment as a whole be executed seamlessly. In this level, you will polish your treatments to a professional, presentable level. You will learn how to offer a smooth and soothing Kobido "experience", rather than merely performing a series of strung-together techniques. Being able to smoothly and effortlessly apply the techniques  in tandem is a crucial part of a Kobido treatment, and smooth execution during a Kobido treatment is essential.


In this level, you will learn how develop and perform a longer and more complete treatment. You will continue training with 50 advanced techniques designed to smooth and enhance the techniques learned in Level 3 and earlier. This will allow you to build a complete 50-minute Kobido facial treatment.


In the classroom, we will spend time evaluating your technique and further enhancing your smoothness, so we can ensure that you are able to smoothly and properly apply the techniques you have learned.


Tuition for the level includes the textbook. This level does not include DVDs. Textbooks are not sold separately from the class.


  Kobido Level 4: Developing a Kobido Treatment

Hand-on training in Europe and Tokyo

• Six all day hands-in training with Kobido master • Tokyo or Europe location • Small class instruction • Study technique #151 through 200 • Learn to how to connect techniques to create facial treatment

KOBIDO Licensing diploma will be awarded at end of level 4 class.

  Kobido Level 4: Tuition and Fees

  Kobido Level 4: Registration

Once you complete the Level 3 training, you can register for Level 4, on a first-come-first serve basis. We do not accept any registrations before the completion of Level 3 training.



About the Paris Training:


The Paris training is once a year for six days, around the last week of July or the first few weeks of August. The classroom can only hold 22 students, so space is limited. A fully-paid registration is required. The class will be taught by Dr. Shogo Mochizuki and assistant(s).



About the Japan Training:


The Japan training is held with a class-size of six to eight students at a time. It is directly taught by Dr. Shogo Mochizuki. Coming to Japan is highly recommended if you wish to join a smaller class and get more individual attention. Please expect the Japan training to have slightly longer hours and be a more intense training, and be well-prepared before you join. A evening scenic tour of Tokyo is included.


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