KOBIDO® Level 2 Training

 About KOBIDO Level 2 - Kobido Signature Facelift Techniques
Kobido manual facelift techniques are what make KOBIDO well-known throughout the world, and they are also among the most essential techniques of Kobido. In this level, you will begin learning those signature facelift techniques. These are very light and rapid techniques, combined with finger-walking techniques. These techniques are fairly complex, since the left and right-hand fingers are working independently and doing different techniques simultaneously. Step-by-step instructions help to simplify Kobido's very complex techniques, and knowledge of these techniques are absolutely essential in order to provide a complete Kobido treatment.
 STEP 2; KOBIDO Level 2 - Kobido Signature Facelift Techniques

On-line Study of Kobido Level 2 techniques

• Study of Kobido all Level 2 - 50 techniques

• Kobudo official technique #51 through #100

• Over 22 hours of video instruction

• On-line special classes

• Skype small group live training with master

• Learn to how to connect technique•


Level 2 Tuition:

EU, UK and Russia;


US, Canad and Mexico;

$549 USD

Rest of the world:

¥60,000 JPY

(+ shipping)

Please ensure that before you attend our workshop, you give yourself enough time to become familiar with the techniques in our Training Book and DVD Set. The book and DVDs are intended to be self-directed pre-study materials for KOBIDO® Level 2 Training. During the training workshop, we will quickly check and make corrections to your techniques. However, the primary focus of the workshop is to learn to use these techniques to build an excellent KOBIDO facial treatment, not rt¥tomerely learn the techniques themselves.

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