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• Kobido new class will starts on October 12th, 2020. • Video training site is temporary closed for renewal. • New password will be send before October 12th 2020 for all new registered students.
 New! Kobido Level 2 - Kobido Master's Class 2020
Kobido Level 2 Training: Due to Coronavirus and shipping problems, we will delay staring class on October 12th, 2020. Thank you.

• The schedule is a guideline.

• You can register and start training anytime and proceed training at your own pace.

• Please ensure that you give yourself enough time to become familiar with the techniques before class starts.

• Due to Corina Pandemic, Package may takes longer time, please order enough time in advance.

In this section of training, you will learn all 40 of Kobido level 2 techniques, practice on the mannequin. Since Level 2 is more difficult than Level 1, we encourage you to register early and begin to study before the official start date. This section of training, we will be practicing along with the videos, working on the mannequin, left side of the face only.


 New! Kobido Level 2 - Kobido Signature Facelift Techniques
Kobido manual facelift techniques are what make Kobido well-known throughout the world, and they are also among the most essential techniques of Kobido. In this level, you will begin learning those signature facelift techniques. These are very light and rapid techniques, combined with finger-walking techniques. These techniques are fairly complex, since the left and right-hand fingers are working independently and doing different techniques simultaneously. Step-by-step instructions help to simplify Kobido's very complex techniques, and knowledge of these techniques are absolutely essential in order to provide a complete Kobido treatment.

   New! Kobido Level 2 - Official Textbook


Kobido Level 2 Official Textbook

English, Spanish, Japanese Edition


• KOBIDO 128 pages Full-Color Official Textbook

  (Textbook is in English, Spanish and Japanese)

Kobido Level 2 Official Textbook

English, French, Japanese Edition


• KOBIDO 128 pages Full-Color Official Textbook

  (Textbook is in English, French and Japanese)

Kobido Level 2 Official Textbook

English, French or Spanish, Japanese Edition


• KOBIDO 128 pages Full-Color Official Textbook

  (Textbook is in English, French or Spanish and Japanese)

• We will cover Kobido Official Techniques 31 through 70

• Over 400 photos and illustrations.

• Step-by-step detail instructions.

 Kobido Level 2: Training Videos
• Online video training Kobido Official Technique #41 through #70. • Over 12 hours of on-line training with Kobido Master • You can watch and study 24 hours day, 7 days a week!

  Kobido Level 2 Tuition including Complete Training Package

Kobido Level 2 Compete Package (Both Section A and B, Not Sold Separately):

Register from EU, UK and rest of the world

Kobido Level 1 Training

Tuition: €598 Euro

plus shipping

Register from USA, Canada, Mexico,

Australia, and New Zealand.

Kobido Level 1 Training

Tuition; $ 598 USD

plus shipping


No registration allow to China, Korea and Russia, since DHL does not deliver those countries.

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