Training Schedule and Registration

KOBIDO Master's Special Summer Intensive Training

KOBIDO® Traditional Japanese Facial Training Overview

Apprenticeship with the 26th Generation Master of Kobido

“Licensed KOBIDO® Facialist” Program – Beginning Levels 1 through 4

Direct Training with The 26th Generation Master of Kobido

Step 1: Pre-Training Study of KOBIDO® Level 1 Techniques

Step 2: In-classroom Hands-on KOBIDO® Training

First step of KOBIDO® Official Training is to get the

textbook and 12-DVD set, over 24 hours of video instructions, to self study all the Level 1 techniques.

This process generally takes 15 days to 2 months.

Order the Training Package and Begin Your Study

These are self-directed pre-study materials for the KOBIDO® Level 1 training. Please study with the book and our DVDs to learn the all 30 of the Level 1 facial techniques before you come to training. During our training, we will quickly check and make corrections to your techniques. But the primary focus of the training is to learn to use these techniques to build a Kobido facial treatment. Our goal is for you to not just learn the technique, but also to be able to give excellent KOBIDO facial treatments.

After you have started your KOBIDO® Official Training with our textbook and DVD set, you may register for the next available small class, hand-on training with the either  the Master or one of our KOBIDO Licensed Instructors.

Register for a KOBIDO Hands-On Training Workshop

 L E V E L 1

Buy the Level 1 Official Training Set:

  €299 + €49 shipping

Join a Two-Day Training Workshop directly with The 26th Generation Master:


Total Price for Level 1: €999 + €49 shipping

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