What is KOBIDO?

The KOBIDO name and logo are registered trademarks in the European Union (including UK, Spain, Germany), Japan, and many other countries worldwide. KOBIDO is the name of a lineage as well as the name of our company in Japan, and is not the name of a technique, method, or treatment. KOBIDO has been a registered trademark in Japan for many years.


Shiatsu and Anma are generic terms in Japan that everybody knows. KOBIDO, however, is a company and lineage name, in the same manner as Shiseido or Toyota. KOBIDO is one company among many in Japan that offer Japanese facial massages. The Japanese Trademark Office would never have approved the KOBIDO trademark if it were a generic term.


Unfortunately, some schools in Europe have incorrectly advertised KOBIDO as a generic term for “Japanese Facial Massage” to fraudulently mislead people for their own profit, and we have received numerous complaints from some victims who have been taken classes from such fraudulent schools.


There are many dedicated KOBIDO apprentices in Europe who have been studying our company’s method of facial massage for years. Please be respectful and do not use the KOBIDO name unless you have undergone extensive training with KOBIDO and have received our written permission. (The usage of our registered trademark in the European Union without our permission is trademark infringement and is a felony. Unfortunately, we have recently been forced to begin taking legal action against many schools and therapists.

Ever since I began teaching Kobido in the United States back in 1990, I have been continuously grateful for all of the people from around the world who have shown an interest in, study, and enjoy Kobido. We are one of the oldest surviving lineages that still practice Japanese facial and as we have grown, to the point that we are recognized worldwide, there has been an increasing misunderstanding that Kobido literally means ‘Japanese Facial’ or ‘Japanese Facial Massage’.


Since we have reached out to the world some mistakenly believe that the art itself is called Kobido, when it is more accurately, the name of a house (company) and lineage. It is important to know the difference and not claim that all Japanese facials are Kobido, as that would be disrespectful to other companies and lineages that still practice their own forms of Japanese facial today.


In here I would like to define what Kobido is, Kobido’s history, as well as provide a statement of my own personal vision and beliefs of what Kobido truly means to me.

Kobido is the name of a Japanese company and lineage that has offered the Kobido style of Japanese facial for over 540 years (there are many other companies that offer their own styles of Japanese facial). Kobido has a lineage dating back to the mid 15th century when it was created by two of Japans most skilled Anma masters (see the History of Kobido) and it remains the most technically advanced forms of facial in Japan, producing one of the best treatment results available.


Literal Meaning of Kobido


The original house and lineage name of Kobido literally means ‘Fragrance Beauty House’. When Kobido decided to offer skincare and educational materials to the United States we prepared new branding for the over-seas market. We kept the same Kobido company name, with a different set of Kanji to protect our trademark. This Kanji is translated as ‘The Ancient Way of Beauty’ while the reading, pronunciation, and heritage remains the same.


Does Kobido Mean Japanese Facial Massage?


Kobido does not mean Japanese facial massage. Kobido is a company and lineage that offers Japanese facials and has set many facial treatment trends over the centuries. Kobido’s primary focus is on facial treatments, but it actually includes other treatments that are not applied to the face (eg. Hand, Foot, Gemstone, and more).


What Separates Kobido From Other Forms of Japanese Facial


In Japan there are many companies that offer a form of Japanese Facial, many of these are based on simple massage techniques with a focus on light stroking or shiatsu point stimulation. Kobido is the oldest and most technical form of facial available in Japan. It is built upon 48 Ancient Signature Techniques which focus on special percussion based treatment. These technique involves the bending and reshaping of the hands during application, some techniques may even appear to be a stroke but there are still subtle changes to the shape of the hand. One reasons why the Kobido signature techniques can be challenging to learn is that they are based off of competition level techniques from some of the greatest masters of the time. Therefore Kobido is a traditional art that takes years to master and cannot be learned in a short period.


Definition of a Kobido Apprentice


A Kobido apprentice is a practitioner or student who is directly studying from the 26th Generation Master of Kobido, Dr. Shogo Mochizuki. A Kobido practitioner is able to demonstrate a Kobido Japanese Facial, and their treatments are based upon the 48 Ancient Signature Techniques of the Kobido masters.

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