48 Ancient Signature Techniques of Kobido

Kobido has over one thousand techniques, some are regular facial or Anma techniques while others are Ancient Signature Techniques of Kobido which are unique to Kobido. Remembering all of these techniques can be challenging.


Both modern day Anma (Genko Anma) and Kobido are derived from Koho Anma (the ancient form of Anma). In this chapter, to create a clearer understanding, we will separate these techniques into different categories based on their application and purpose. For example, vibration techniques are  applied with rapid shaking of the hands and fingers and are generally used to reduce muscle tension as well as quickly releasing toxins from the lymphatic system.


Once you have reached the advanced levels of Kobido study, the separations will begin to disappear as the techniques will swiftly move in-between multiple categories. In order to seamlessly perform and combine these techniques, you must first have a clear understanding of each categories techniques and their purpose.


Kobido signature techniques are very unique, even among other styles of Japanese facial. The signature techniques taught in Kobido are specific to Kobido. These techniques are considered the trademark techniques of Kobido traditional Japanese facial. If one is to consider themselves a practitioner of Kobido, they must be able to demonstrate these signature techniques.


Kobido is the most technically advanced form of Japanese facial in Japan, if not in the world, and it can be said that Kobido has the largest number and most complex set of techniques. Mastering this complex art takes years of dedicated study, but you do not need to have reached a masters level to practice Kobido treatments. Understanding the beginning levels of Kobido (levels 1 through 3) will allow you to put together a basic Kobido treatment. Since Kobido is such a complex form of facial, even the beginning levels of treatment will allow you to give a superb level of facial when compared to other styles.


There are over one thousand techniques in Kobido, and they are divided into 48 different categories. Within each of these categories, there are many variations of these techniques depending on which part of the face that they are applied. Unlike many of the techniques in Anma massage, the 48 Ancient Signature Techniques of Kobido are very specifically made for facial treatments and are not readily usable on other parts of the body.


Kobido is the oldest form of facial in Japan. Many signature techniques are built upon kyoku te, which is considered one of the most difficult of the Anma techniques. Therefore, none of Kobido’s signature techniques are easy to learn, especially acquiring their mastery. In general, techniques that are easy to master tend to not be as effective. If your business is built upon the reputation of your skills, it’s vital that the skills you present are of the highest quality. The practitioner who is able to deliver advanced techniques at the highest level of quality will always have an advantage over competitors who focus on only the simplest of techniques.


Kobido is its own unique art form, based upon but long separated from Anma. These modern Anma categorizations may help you to differentiate the techniques when first learning, but when you reach the advanced levels you may be required to learn the traditional names of each Kobido technique.


Kobido signature techniques are not easy to master. It takes a great deal of time and effort, but like any traditional art, the end results of training and practice are what set it aside from everything else. These signature techniques are what makes Kobido, Kobido.



48 Ancient Signature Techniques of KOBIDO


Because there are so many Kobido signature techniques they are divided into 48 categories. Each of the categories contains many variations with similar characteristics. These variations are meant to accommodate different locations and conditions on the face.

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