The 26th Generation Master of House and Lineage of Kobido

Doctor Shogo Mochizuki is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced practitioners of Japanese massage and bodywork in the world. He began his study at the age of four with his grandmother. The Mochizuki family has been practicing East Asian medicine in Japan for over 250 years. He is also the author of 48 titles including: “Anma: The Art of Japanese Massage” and “Zoku Shin Do: Japanese Foot Massage”.


In 1977, he began studying KOBIDO under the 25th generation master Ito.

In 2005 Master Ito after serving as head of the KOBIDO lineage for over 50 years appointed Shogo Mochizuki as his successor and 26th Master of the KOBIDO art form.


Dr Shogo Mochizuki has been in the KOBIDO organization since 1977, and he is one of the three

KOBIDO appointed instructors under Master Ito.

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